Yes! You want your poster BIG and visible to people who are driving by and only have a few moments to glance at it.



Okay, you get the idea now.  You understand that using a small (8 1/2 by 11) white piece of paper stuck to a pole just won’t get the job done. And, nobody can see it!

Items Needed:

  • Ten (10) BIG fluorescent orange poster boards: 22″ x 28″
  • Two (2) large black permanent markers
  • Ten (10) sheet protectors + roll of clear packing tape to secure to poster, where a large photo of your pet will be placed on poster board. (see example to the left)
  • Two (2) rolls of duct tape
  • If weather is really bad, you might need some foam poster boards so they stay rigid during rain storms. Simply tape your fluorescent posters to the foam board and you’re good to go. A little pricey, but still a good idea. If you only use the foam board, it won’t be as big, and it won’t draw as much attention as a bright orange poster would. Remember you want people to recognize and associate the color of your poster with your missing pet.
  • Campaign Signs: If you’re able to find them, duct tape your poster to the frame, sticking them in the ground near busy intersections. Make sure the top of your poster is secure so the wind doesn’t blow it backwards.

    Where to buy these items: office supply stores, discount stores, drug stores 

Posters are a very important step in announcing your missing pet to the public. Please do not discount the effectiveness of posters. After you have your posters ‘out there’ on display, then you can concentrate on your flyers. Please see below on how to make a flyer.

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