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Vinnie is a MAR Technician and a California licensed Private Investigator who searches for lost dogs, cats, and other animal species.  He brings to the lost pet recovery industry many years of high level investigative, and high technology experience. As a licensed private investigator, he is also qualified to conduct stolen pet investigations.

He is a member of High Technology Criminal Investigators Association (HTCIA), and he is also an expert in fraud investigations, having earned the coveted certification of CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner). Retired Special Agent CA Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement and Bureau of Investigation.

He utilizes high-tech surveillance equipment to help search for lost pets, and is experienced in the use of UAV’s or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka: drones) and plans to fully integrate these into his full service pet detective operation.

He is willing to travel throughout California (and nationwide) to work lost pet cases. Vinnie is available to consult on using other high tech tools such as database mining and how these tools can be used to streamline the focus into particular areas of a pet detective case.

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CP 4aaConnie’s career background includes 25 years in the human resource industry, with master’s degree’s in organizational behavior and human development. She’s certified by the Human Rescource Certification Institute as a Professional in Human Rescources (PHR) and is an adjunct professor of Human Resources with Brandman and Fresno Pacific Universities.

Since childhood, Connie has had cats and dogs as part of her family. You may hear her say that her life would not be complete without her pet menagerie. While living on a ranch, she was introduced to the McNabb (cattle dog) breed and subsequently raised three litter of purebred puppies. When her business partner Vinnie Jura became MAR trained, Connie felt a natural “calling” that she, too, could help reunite people with their beloved pets. She recently completed the MAR training course and often joins Vinnie on searches. The Fetchem team will continue to grow with the future addition of a trailing/tracking canine especially trained to help locate displaced dogs and cats.